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May 23, 2022 2 min read

Serving trays are very important in our houses. They are normally called serving trays but can be used in many ways beyond serving. Some of the general benefits of the serving tray are that they help to keep our space organized, create one place to put similar items, and free up space for other stuff.

  • Living room:Several things can be placed on the tray in the living room. For instance, a coffee table tray in your living room is an opportunity to put things together and in order. The tray on the table can also hold other items like candles, remote controls, flowers, and mobile phones. This also protects the glass making the table from scratches.
  • Dining room and kitchen:If you want your dining room to look stylish and classic, place a serving tray on it at all times. Most of us use the tray only when it is needed. So we store it where it is not seen hence not maximizing its potential. For our dining to stand out, we have to place it on the dining table at all times. The tray should have flowers and other decorative items on it. It should also have some glasses, cups or plates. Though, it does not mean that it should have everything at once. The items can take turns on the table. This helps to keep the dining room looking new every time. The kitchen also looks nice with trays in it. If your kitchen is small, a serving helps to create space and prevent congestion. A tray also makes it easier to clean since everything can be removed from the table at once. Make sure to have serving trays with handles. They ease the process of moving them. Get a wood round tray with handles from naturalgoodz.com at an affordable price and make your house stand out.

  • Bedroom and bathroom:A tray in your bedroom adds a touch of elegance. It can hold a variety of items in one place. Lamps, perfumes, photos, and jewelry can all be placed on the tray. Having a tray in your bathroom helps to keep your skincare routine products in one place. This maintains order.

Clean and Maintain Your Wooden Cutting Board:Wooden cutting boards need to be hand washed. Most of them do not fit in the dishwasher. They should be cleaned daily after use with soap and hot water. Wipe them clean and allow them to dry upright. This is to make sure the water drips and does not dry inside the board. You do not have to worry about bacteria lacking in your cutting board as wood is naturally antiseptic. The bacteria is killed after the board is cleaned well and dried.

For thorough cleaning, you can use lemon and salt or vinegar. They will not only clean but also disinfect your cutting board.

You should also oil your board at least once a month. This keeps the wood’s antiseptic properties intact as it prevents water from entering the wood causing crevices. Oil the entire surface of the board and your board will serve you well.

You can get a large wood cutting board for any size from naturalgoodz.com at affordable prices.