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Black Walnut Wood - Spatula Soup Slotted Spoon Spaghetti Claws Cooking Set

Category : Wooden Spoon Sets

Sub Category - Wooden Spoons for Cooking

Material : Walnut Wood

Features :

  1. Premium Quality Walnut Wood
  2. Carbonized to make the Cutlery set durable & long life
  3. Multi-Purpose Cooking Spoon Set
  4. Easy Grip Handle
  5. Easy to Store with a nice cloth pack
  6. Brings in a Natural touch in your Kitchen

Styles : Black Walnut Spoon, Black Walnut Spatula, Black Walnut Slotted Spatula, Black Walnut Soup Spoon, Black Walnut Slotted Spoon, Black Walnut Spaghetti Claws

Set : Spoon, Spatula, Slotted Spatula, Soup Spoon, Slotted Spoon and Shovel kit

Packing List: Kitchenware - 6 Pieces Cutlery Set