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Handmade Solid Olive Wood Kitchen Porridge Spoon

Category : Wooden Spoon Sets

Sub Category : Wooden Spoons for Cooking

Material : Natural Olive Wood

Features : 

  1. Multi-Purpose Cooking
  2. Light, ecological and rust-free, healthy to use.
  3. Beautiful shape & design with long handle, looks really delicate, easy to grasp.
  4. Safe to use on a hot surface and safe for various cooking surfaces.
  5. Different styles of kitchen tools for you and your friends.
  6. Easy to care for - hand washes with mild soap or water, store in a dry place.
  7. Use for Serving
  8. Brings in a Natural feel in your Kitchen

Style : Modern, Sleek and Simple

Size (in cm) : Refer pictures below

Package Contents: Spoon (Variant) * 1 Piece


Solid Wood Care Instructions:

After receiving the goods, it is recommended to apply a layer of olive oil evenly along the wood grain of the solid wood base and place it in a cool place to dry. Proper pre-maintenance will help stabilize the wood structure and prolong its service life. After cleaning, it should be wiped dry and stored in a cool and ventilated place to avoid exposure to the sun, drying or prolonged soaking in water. You can apply olive oil for maintenance from time to time.

In order to retain the natural affinity of the wood, it will not be encapsulated with lacquer, but generally only coated with wood wax oil. The wood can still breathe, and changes in external temperature and humidity will affect its state. Partial cracking will occur in a particularly dry or humid environment, which cannot be completely avoided. Please be aware before use.

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