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Premium Environmentally Friendly Pancho Heart Shaped Rotating Tray - Made in Turkey

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Category : Wooden Dinnerware Set

Sub-Category : Wood Round Tray or Wooden Decorative Tray

Material : Bamboo

Features : 

  1. Japanese Style Premium Pancho Heart Shaped Rotating Tray is a great addition for your dining table.
  2. You will always find it stylish, unique and very useful.
  3. This Pancho Heart Shaped Rotating Tray is a multi purpose set for serving food.
  4. This unique eating set feature a nice heart shape that fits perfectly in your hand.
  5. Pancho Heart Shaped Rotating Tray with bearing balls, rotation of the table is much smoother and balanced.
  6. Excellent finish, thicknesses, and unique curvature.
  7. Ideal as the perfect dinnerware for your guests

Style : Japanese Contemporary style

Color Classification : Bamboo/Log Color

Set Includes : Pancho Heart Shaped Rotating Tray


Bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant, as well as being an environmentally friendly, functional, aesthetic, and it extremely durable. Bamboo is 2-3 times more durable than all other wood and of wood. While a bamboo sapling reaches full maturity in 5 years, oak and the like can reach this level in 50 years. Bamboo is long lasting, light, ecological and healthy, as well as being solid and durable in the woods.

The bamboo plant which is antibacterial by its structure doesn't contain bacteria. If you use bamboo kitchen and home appliances in this respect, you will be healthier than you are now.

Bamboo adds natural warmth and richness with its natural stance, you will feel better and healthier with the warmth and hygienic structure of bamboo.


The balance of The oxygen and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is very important. Because bamboo has an environmentally friendly source, it reduces the carbon footprint and global warming in favor of environment. An adult bamboo plant absorbs up to 4 times more carbon than other plants, while producing 35% more oxygen than plants of similar sizes. At the same time, when harvested and growing again, there are no negative effects on environment. Bamboo, a plant that grows and grows very fast, provides the best solutions against desertification and lack of woods.

In addition, knives produced from bamboo produce less carbon in production than knives manufactured from steel, and this is one of the plants with the lowest carbon footprint. For example, in the production of 1 ton of bamboo knives, 182 kg of carbon dioxide is produced; 1 ton of steel produces 2100 kg of carbon dioxide.

Packing: Rotating Tray x 1 Set

Shipping : Free Shipping, 15 - 30 days

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