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Solid Wood Tube - Thai Style Paper Roll Drawer

Category : Paper Roll Holder

Sub-Category : In Wall Paper Roll Holder

Material : Thai Solid Wood


  1. Premium quality wood and finishing
  2. Nice paper roll drawer
  3. Easy to hang anywhere you want
  4. Gives a decorative feel over the conventional tissue holder

Style : Thai solid wood tissue tube

Size : About 15cm in diameter

Application : Removable tissue

Use : Home / Hotel / Kitchen / Bathroom - Toilet Roll or Paper drawer

Instructions: Wooden crafts should not be placed in extremely humid places. In a very humid environment, some woodcarving crafts will have hair and mold. If the room is too humid, you can use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in the air. Wooden crafts should not be placed in extremely dry places, too dry wooden crafts will partially crack. Wooden crafts should not be placed in direct sunlight, as they will crack over time. Wood should not be placed in a ventilated place, it will be easy to crack over time. Avoid contact with wooden crafts and clean them with chemically corrosive liquids

Packing List : Solid Wood Tissue Tube * 1 Piece